From planning and strategy to in depth security testing.

Information Security Solutions

GlitchWitch is an independent security consultant, penetration tester, and bug hunter. For over a decade they have worked independently with a wide variety of companies on an expansive list of technical projects.

GlitchWitch has extensive experience with web application security testing, vulnerability assessment, and bug bounties. Some of their past clients include Internet Service Providers, VoIP providers, web hosting providers, retail chains, government and multimedia organizations. They also have a growing list of independently discovered vulnerabilities.

Work with GlitchWitch to test your defences, implement security initiatives, and get deep insights and advice to help prepare your organization for when a real incident hits.

Penetration Testing Services

Get a real-world look at how attackers could exploit your vulnerabilities and advice on how to stop them. Get insights from a combination of automated vulnerability assessment tools and manual testing following the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Guide, OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide, and an independently formed set of methodologies.

Vulnerability Assessments

Quickly identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. Get detailed information from a wide range of open source and proprietary automated scanning tools, all manually verified and prioritized to help you remedy issues that impact your business.

Information Security Advisory

Prioritize your security initiatives and gain business-critical insight into your security practices. With over a decade of experience working within a wide range of industries, GlitchWitch can help you identify, prioritize, and execute your information security goals.

Managed Security Programs

Implement bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs and get actionable results that your team can work with. Let GlitchWitch handle your security program to help verify researcher findings, prioritize vulnerabilities, and coordinate communication and logistics.

Get expert advice and services to help acheive your business goals.
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